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Choose from our produts of high quality beef, pork, or chicken - or marinade meats. We also have a special package for you.

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You deserve the highest quality product,
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3. Deliver or pick up

Get all your orders packed in corrugated boxes and delivered by climate-controlled vehicles, or you can pick them up at our Burnaby location.

Our Products

Premium Fresh Meat

Why should I choose “MEAT BOX”?

Trust You can trust Meat Box products. We only use products from our reliable provider Uncle's Meat Factory that are personally selected, using the best quality meats and ingredients.
Taste All of our marinated meats are seasoned with homemade seasoning, which is made with fresh fruits and vegetables. They makes our meats different than others in the depth of flavour.
Stability We deliver our products in safe and stable packages in tightly controlled temperature vehicles directly from the processing facility to you.
Price A fair price for the best taste and meat quality.

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